Thursday, April 28, 2011

Life Goals

I'm reaching a point in my life where I'm beginning to feel that I need/want new life goals.  Some may call it a "Bucket List", but I really don't like that title.  So I'm compiling a list of my life goals, goals I want to accomplish during my lifetime.  Here's the beginning (in no particular order)... It will be an ever-changing list, I'm sure!

Raise 2 children
Be completely organic-fed/sustainable farm-fed
Be as in shape as the crazy lady on Turbo Fire
**REVISED** Start a Beach Yoga business!  Yoga classes throughout the day with a cute shop selling fun beach-yoga stuff.
Own/Live in a beach house
Go to grad school
Be debt free
Travel the world

1 comment:

melississippi said...

I can see you accomplishing those, but it will be some work! I can't wait to shop at your beach gift shop when I'm retired :)